Vue select wrapper

A basic Vue.js Component that can wrap anything as a dropdown type selector.


prop type default description
value/v-model any undefined Binding value. Should be an array when multiple:true
multiple boolean false whether use multiple-select
placeholder string '' placeholder
append-to-body boolean true Append the dropdown element to <body>
dropdown-width number/string undefined Width of the dropdown element. If not provided, the trigger element's width will be used.
dropdown-z-index number 1000 Dropdown element z-index
disabled boolean false Disable the component
size string '' Component size. Could be medium/small/mini
clearable boolean false Whether select can be cleared
limit number Infinity Limit the number of selected options displayed, must be greater than 0. The rest will be hidden within the limitText.
limit-text function count => `+${count}` Function that processes the message shown when selected elements pass the defined limit.
popper-class string '' Custom class name for the dropdown
loading boolean false Whether the dropdown is display the loading status
loading-text string 'Loading' Text in the dropdown while loading
close-on-select boolean - Close a dropdown when an option is chosen. Default: single-select is true , multi-select is false .



Custom content of the chosen values. Works in both single-select and multi-select modes.

<SelectWrapper v-model="selection">
  <template slot="value-template" slot-scope="{ value }">
    {{ value.valueProperty }}


Methods Description
showDropdown() Show the dropdown
hideDropdown() Hide the dropdown
toggleDropdown() Toggle the dropdown
clearValue() Clear all value
updatePopper() Update dropdown position


Event Description Parameters
change Trigger on value change (newVal)
visible-change Trigger on dropdown toggle (visible) true for show, false for hide
clear Click the clear icon or execute clearValue() -